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One-Day Programs

Jan 2018

Introduction to Zendoodle 01/29/2018

Feb 2018

See What You Hear: Mark’s Gospel and Spiritual Discernment 02/01/2018
Day of Reflection and Dialogue on Creating a Culture of Encounter 02/24/2018
More Zendoodle Fun 02/26/2018

Mar 2018

Tending the Garden and the Soul: Gardening as a Spiritual Practice 03/03/2018
A Celebration of Breads -- Peace-Meal Bread 03/10/2018
Building a Bridge: The Catholic Church and the LGBT Community in Relationship 03/15/2018
All for One and One for All: Kinship and Caring for Creation 03/17/2018
Annual French Dinner Celebration 03/22/2018
Lenten Day of Reflection - Three Days: The Heart of the Liturgical Year and Soul of the Spiritual Life 03/24/2018

Apr 2018

Just Because You Can’t Remember 04/14/2018
Appalachian Music and Memories 04/15/2018
Thomas Merton: A Film Biography 04/20/2018
Essentials of Thomas Merton: Thoughts Worth Pondering 04/21/2018
Nouwen on Our Spiritual Journey 04/28/2018

May 2018

Mental Health Matters 05/07/2018
Take Time to Relax 05/19/2018

Jun 2018

A Men’s Day Apart: A Day with Abraham and Isaac 06/09/2018
Weaving Words of Wisdom 06/29/2018 - 06/30/2018

Jul 2018

Tabasco Cheese Bread 07/14/2018

Aug 2018

9 Weeks to a Health Ministry in Your Congregation 08/18/2018

Sep 2018

Seasons of Our Lives 09/10/2018
Seasons of Our Lives 09/17/2018
From St. Joseph’s Table - Feed Your Body and Soul and Make Your Heart Happy! 09/22/2018
Seasons of Our Lives 09/24/2018
The Simple Care of a Hopeful Heart: Resilience, Compassion, Personal Well-Being , and Prayer 09/29/2018

Oct 2018

Zendoodle Mandalas 10/25/2018

Nov 2018

Zendoodle Christmas Card Making 11/29/2018
An Evening of Music and Prayer 11/30/2018

Dec 2018

Rye Bread with Brie 12/01/2018
Advent Evening by the Fire 12/06/2018
Advent Day of Reflection: Praying Gospel Passages with the Help of Master Painters 12/08/2018

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